Illustration courtesy of Jean Restayn


Achtung Panzer! One of the premiere sites related to German tanks of WWII.
Armorsite Possibly the best Tiger I pages on the internet. Many other pages on other historic and modern tanks as well.
Tiger I info David Byrden's site devoted entirely to the Tiger I. Contains exclusive research and technical articles found nowhere else.
Tiger tank H-E-181 Very comprehensive Tiger I site with many closeup pictures of every area of the Tiger.
Panzerbasics Great site with detailed information on many different facets of the Tiger.
Tiger In Focus A forum for Tiger research, identification and discussions. Site is hosted in German but most of the posts are in English.
Missing Lynx Great site for armor enthusiasts. Panzer Facts section has detailed information on every Tiger I modification. Site of the most famous Tiger in the world, Tiger 131 of the Bovington Tank Museum.
The Tank Channel Outstanding site featuring beautifully shot, professional videos covering all aspects of tanks and armor from all eras including exclusive Tiger I videos.
Panzerworld Excellent site with great articles on a variety of topics relating to German Panzers.
Fahrzeuge der Wehrmacht German site with many excellent walk around photos of German equipment.
Treasures of the Panzertruppe Great site dedicated to the men of the Panzer troops including Tiger veterans and related items.
Panzer Projects Small site with some good clear Tiger pictures.
Track-link Site for armor modelling enthusiasts. Good source of information about armor details.
Armortek Makers of an all-metal 1/6th scale radio controlled Tiger I.
Mark-1 Suppliers of a fiberglass 1/6th scale radio controlled Tiger I.
R/C Armory Producers of large scale radio controlled tank kits including a nice Tiger I.
PanzerPhotos Pictures of various Panzers.
Waffen HQ European site with lots of Panzer information including downloadable movies and pictures.
Jagdtiger Yet another European site with downloadable movies and pictures of various German tanks.
Panzertruppen French website about Panzer divisions of both Heer and Waffen SS. Technical data and great 4-view drawings of WWII AFV's from all the major combatant countries.
Panzer Archive German site with information on just about every German AFV of WWII.
German King Tiger tank Comprehensive site about the Tiger II. The author also has a very extensive U-boat site.
PanzerNet Spanish site with a wealth of information on WWII Panzers.
Tigers In the Ardennes Site detailing schwere SS-PanzerAbteilung 501 and their Tiger II's in the Battle of the Bulge
WWII Excellent site with information and pictures on just about every WWII vehicle imaginable. Italian site with some good Zimmerit closeups and walkaround photos of various weapons


There are many publications on the Tiger I. These books are among the best :
Tigers in Combat I by Wolfgang Schneider & Jean Restayn.
Considered to be the definitive Tiger book. Covers Tigers used by the German Army.
Tigers in Combat II by Wolfgang Schneider & Jean Restayn.
Second of the two-volume set. This volume covers Tigers used by the SS.
Germany's Tiger Tanks: D.W. to Tiger I by Thomas L. Jentz & Hilary L. Doyle.
An in-depth analysis of Tiger I design, production, and modifications by one of the leading Tiger experts.
Tiger I on the Eastern Front by Jean Restayn .
Excellent collection of photographs and unit markings of Tigers operating in Russia.
Tiger I on the Western Front by Jean Restayn .
Second volume of photographs covering campaigns in the West.
Germany's Tiger Tanks: Tigers at the Front by Thomas L. Jentz.
Fine collection of unique Tiger photographs. One of the best photo histories.
The Modeler's Guide To The Tiger Tank by Military Miniatures In Review.
The absolute best book for exterior variations of every model Tiger I. Covers the changes to every part imaginable.
Tiger & King Tiger Tanks and Their Variants by Walter J. Spielberger.
Comprehensive book on the Tiger family. Excellent collection of factory and early development pictures.
Tiger! The Tiger Tank: A British View by David Fletcher.
Based on Intelligence reports. Contains schematics & pictures not found anywhere else. Unmatched powertrain data.
Tiger Tanks by Michael Green.
Glossy paperback packed with information and clear photographs.
Michael Wittmann and the Tiger Commanders of the Leibstandarte by Patrick Agte.
Huge collection of Tiger photos from the 1st SS Panzer Division.
Tiger I - 50th Anniversary Commemorative Collectors Edition by Uwe Feist & Bruce Culver.
One of the best collections of interior and detail shots available. Packed with photos and information.


The Tiger Files DVD by Wide Angle
By far the best documentary on the Tiger ever produced. Incredible animations, German crew interviews,
exclusive footage of the Bovington Tiger and much more.
Absolute Tiger I CD-ROM by Tamiya
Interactive CD-ROM with a wealth of information, including a 360° view of the interior. For PC or Mac.
Steel Tigers Video by Cromwell Productions
VHS video documenting the evolution of the Tiger. Also has a section on Michael Wittman.
The German Panzer Volume 1: Tiger and King Tiger Video by Chronos UK
VHS video focusing on the Tiger I, Tiger II and its variants.
Battle Stations: Tiger Attack! Video by The History Channel
One of the most complete Tiger video, uses period footage and modern reenactment.
Tanks At War: Pz Kpfw VI Tiger DVD by DD Video
DVD packed with lots of period footage, paint schemes, unit markings, tank formation layouts and much more.